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DevCon 2012 – Part 1

6 Aug, 12

DevCon  2012 – An Introduction:

DevCon  2012 was organized on 4th August 2012 by BDotNet User Group in Microsoft Signature building, Bangalore. It was a big day for all BDotNetters. We had a nice opportunity of learning, sharing and networking. The official website for the event is

I would like to share my experience of  DevCon 2012 here which I will put in two blogs in order to have convenient size of the posts. In this post first I am providing some history that would be useful for new members of BDotNet and then I will give overview of the DevCon 2012. In second blog post DevCon 2012 – Part 2  I will be discussing closely about the each sessions I attended.

If you are in hurry and looking for single line summary of DevCon 2012 experience, for me it would be:

A Developer Conference having outstanding speakers facilitating Learning with fun and presenting path ahead to excellence in technology and life as well.
– (For more please visit: Source)

DevCon  2012 – The Legacy:

BDotNet is Bangalore DotNetUser Group, a community which provide a platform for learning, sharing and nurturing technocrats and leaders. The ultimate goal is to share the learnings in order to use the technologies effectively and  to embrace new technologies smoothly. BDotNet user group was established in 2003 and very active community as of now.

We used to have a half day UG meet after every fortnight on Saturday usually from 10:00AM to 01:00PM . Often in very 4-6 months there are some full day big events like SQL Saturday, TechEd Day, DevCon etc. Sometime we used to collaborate with other user groups like Bangalore IT Pro and organizations too.

You can have an overview of the events organized by BDotNet UG group in past at below links:

EventBrite BDotNet PageDevCon 2010 on Lohith’s BlogBDotNet Events Page, BDotNet Events on FB

DevCon  2012 – Powered by:

The event was powered by BDotNet core members specially by Vinod, Lohith, Vic, Pinal and Kashi.

Manas Ranjan Dash, Kamlesh RaoSudeepta Ganguly, Neethu Kumar also did excellent volunteer work for registration, time keeping and other logistics.

DevCon 2012 was sponsored by: Microsoft, Telerik, Pluralsight and Intel.

DevCon  2012 – The Agenda:

We had a minor change in agenda available on DevCon 2012 Site. Since nobody was ready to miss the session from Pinal and Lohith which were put in parallel track, so due to high demand of people, organizing committee changed the agenda.  The final agenda was:


Track 1

Track 2

09:00am – 9:30am


09:30am – 10:00am

Keynote by Ranjan Bhattacharjee

10:00am – 11:00am


Speaker: Chaitra Nagaraj

Windows 8 – A peek inside

Speaker: Vic Parmar

11:00am – 11:15am

Tea Break

11:15am – 12:15pm

“Battle of Clouds – Windows Azure vs Amazon WebServices

Speaker: Niraj Bhatt

Windows 8 for Developers

Speaker: Rajashekaran Vengalil

12:15pm – 01:15pm

Building Applications for Intel Ultrabook Platform and Windows* 8

Speaker: Rajagopal A

Walkthrough of a Metro Application

Speaker: Praveen Srivatsa

01:15pm – 02:00pm


02:00pm – 03:00pm

Ignite the leader within you

Speaker: Vinod Kumar

Kendo UI community launch

Speaker: Abhishek Kant

03:00pm – 03:15pm

Tea Break

03:15pm – 04:15pm

Introduction to No-SQL & Mongo DB

Speaker: Manoj G

SQL Server Tips and Tricks for Web Developers

Speaker: Pinal Dave

04:15pm – 05:15pm

HTML5 – what you NEED to know

Speaker: Amar Nithyananda

Visual Studio 2012 – Tips & Tricks

Speaker: Lohith G N

05:15pm – 05:30pm

Closing note By Core BDotNet Members

In above table the sessions’name in voilet color were the sessions which I attended there. Please go to the post DevCon 2012 – Part 2  which having detail of  all those sessions.

DevCon  2012 –  Celebrations:

It was a full day celebration of new technologies coming for DotNet developers. We had great learning of web technologies, Metro apps and windows 8 and most awaited session on leadership by Vinod Sir. People were super excited for the sessions by Pinal and Lohith too.

The day started with Keynotes of DevCon 2012 by Ranjan Bhattacharjee. He gave overview of Windows 8 as developer tool and different capabilities of new operating system. The presence of leaders like Srini between us was making the day magnificent.

Then the sessions started in two tracks- One on Atrium Hall and another one in Hamilton Hall. We could choose any sessions which would be more useful to individual and switch between the tracks.

For first half I attended track 1, beginning with the session by Chaitra on ASP.NET MVC4 + Web API. This first session was more than houseful and the lessons were very useful for a developer in day to day life.

The lunch was very testy. It was sweeter as we were having our friends as mentors around.

In second half, we had most awaited session on leadership by Vinod Sir. Then there was most hilarious and energetic session of the day from Pinal : SQL Server Tips and Tricks for Web Developers ( With great power, comes great responsibility ).

Thare is separate post DevCon 2012 – Part 2 on all the sessions witch I attended otherwise this post would be too long. Here in short, each session was great with lot of leanings and fun.

In every session if you ask a great question or answer a question from speakers, you would get some goodies from Telerik (Kendu UI T-shirt or keychains). I was lucky one to win a Kendu UI T-shirt in Pinal’s session -SQL Server Tips and Tricks for Web Developers.

We will have all presentation slides and demo code available online and speakers will provide the links to download those at BDotNet Facebook page. The slide-deck of “Ignite the leader within you” is already available here. In closing notes, it was also declared the best blog on this event will get a EXO PC from Intel.

In the last, while attendees were submitting feedback from, volunteers made sure that each one is getting Plural Sight Monthly Subscription as well as Key Chains form Telerik.

DevCon  2012 – Part 2:

I hope you have enjoyed the memories of DevCon 2012 along with this post. Further please go to the post DevCon 2012 – Part 2  which having detail of sessions which I attended. At the end of the post DevCon 2012 – Part 2, I have given the links to more blogs on DevCon – 2012 from fellow BDotNetters.

I really feel grateful to the leads and fellow members of BDotNet for providing such an opportunity. Thanks to all.

Have a nice day.


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