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BDotNet Event 07 July, 2012: My Second Presentation on C# 5

7 Jul, 12

Today I presented on “C# 5: Deep Drive into Asynchronous Programming” in BDotnet UG Meeting. It was a great learning and sharing opportunity. Thanks for the core BDotNet team for providing great support and motivating me towards “Continuous Learning and Sharing”…as Vinod used to remind us again and again.

There were following highlights in today’s BDotNet UG Event:

Expert Tip: How to make powerful presentation
by Vinod Kumar M

While organizing the topics for a presentation, think in this way:

  1. Consider a junior most guy: what you can explain him better……A flower
  2. For senior most guy: How to enhance or refresh his knowledge……Another flower
  3. What more topics you want to put in presentation……More flowers.
  4. Make a nice story with smooth flow of topics….Like putting flowers together in a garland.
This was the Tip # 1 to make a great presentation. We can expect more such tip from him in incoming UG sessions.

Session 1: ASP.NET HTML5 Compatibility 
by Chaitra Nagaraj

She explained about the various new features of HTML5 and how we can incorporate these features in a ASP.NET application. She also explained regarding the compatibility with different browsers and versions of IE, while such development. At the end of session she shared the link  to explore more about HTML5.

Session 2: C# 5: Deep Drive into Asynchronous Programming 
by Praveen Prajapati

In this session, I covered the following topics:

  • What is asynchrony
  • Related Terms and Need of Asynchrony
  • Why TPL: The Free Lunch is Over
  • C# 4: Task Parallel Library
  • C# 4: TPL Demo
  • C# 5: Asynchronous Programming
  • C# 5: Behind the Scene
  • C# 5: Async Demo

The slide deck is shared at
You can get the code too from

Thanks to all BDotNetters for making today’s UG Meet wonderful. My special thanks goes to Vinod, Pinal, Lohith and Manas for their support during the session.

Facebook Link of this UG Meet:


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