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BDotNet UG Meeting 28 April 2012: Windows Phone Development

28 Apr, 12

We had two superb sessions on Windows Phone Development by Atley Hunter in BDotNet UG Meet today.

The Speaker:

Atley Hunter is a passionate phone application developer with over 15 years’ experience. He is Microsoft MVP Windows Phone Development and Telerik insider. His other coordinates are as follows:
Code Creators:
Blog @
LinkedIn @

Session 1: My Mic Sounds Nice – Using Multimedia in Your Windows Phone App

The session started with Beginning on Phone Development and discussed basic philosophy of basic application development. He started with: Apps may be very simple but useful. Then we had code walkthrough on: Adding sounds to XNA Games, Controlling sounds playback, Creating Looping Sounds etc. He used Visual Studio 2010 | XNA GameStudio 4.0 | Winows Phone Game 4.0 template for first code walkthrough Adding sounds to XNA Games and shown us how to all audio to games.

He gave many tips regarding Windows Phone Apps development as one of the advices was: “Make copy of own background image”: use it in all applications that you develop so it will serve as your identity.

He gave an overview of SyncFusion MetroStudio 1( also to design unique Metro icons.

Session 2: Being Ready for Awesome: Using Live Tiles, Background Tasks and Services

In this session he discussed about Windows Phone 7.5 Application Lifecycle, How to balance between Health and User Experience of an application and what points to take care of in these regard. Then he discussed about “Background Transfer Service ” and “Background Agent functionality” etc.

Both sessions were very informative and very helpful for developers who are on apps development. After the sessions we had a quiz (some questions for session itself) and winners got goodies from Telerik and Pluralsight.

Many many thanks to Atley Hunter to sharing practical knowledge and best practices with us. Thanks to Vinod Kumar M and Lohith Goudagere Nagaraj for arranging this wonderful event. Thanks to all BDotNet memebrs who joined and made the event successful.

Thanks for reading! Have a nice time!


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