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BDotNet UG Meeting 21 April 2012: Looking ahead with VS 2011

21 Apr, 12

Today we had a great and houseful UG event from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm IST in Microsoft Signature Building, Bangalore.  I reached at venue around 09:45 am, as I was the presenter of first session so I need to do some setup.

The hall was full of audiences and there were around ten newcomers too. We had a round of introduction with members before the starting of the first session.

I started session with some warm up questions in basic C# (using  small programs but tricky). Then moved to slide decks and demonstrations. Following topics were covered in my session:

  1. Background: C# versions summery till now
  2. C# 5 New Features : Introduction
  3. C# 5 Breaking changes : For Lambda expressions, LINQ expressions and Named arguments
  4. Code walkthrough in VS 2011 Beta and VS 2010 to demonstrate the Breaking Changes
  5. C# 5 New Features for Asynchronous programming
  6. Code walkthrough in VS 2011 Beta and VS 2010 to appreciate the advantages with new features
  7. Rules and recommendation for async and await keyword
  8. Introduction to Window Runtime support and Metro app
  9. What we need to create a Metro app
  10. The Road ahead: The Roslyn Project and related features for C#


After first session, there was a coffee break for 10 minute.

Chaitra Nagaraj  presented second session on “ Hello from ASP.NET Web Forms 4.5 and Visual Studio 11”. She covered new features in ASP.NET 4.5 and did the code walkthrough demonstrating those. It was very informative for us.

My sincere thanks goes to Vinod Kumar M, and Manas Ranjan Dash for their support during the session. Thanks to all those who joined us there.

Have a nice time. Happy coding!


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