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Reliving TechEd India 2012

7 Apr, 12


I have been attending the events organized by BDOTNET user’s group ( and BangaloreITPro User Group ( since 2009.  All events used to be very inspiring, informative, thought provoking with fun and friends (the best part).

Between March 21 to 23, 2012 a big Event “TechEd India 2012” ( took place in Bangalore and  Vinod Kumar M and Pinal Dave were profound speaker there.

As many of us from those groups could not attend the TechEd event, the core members of both groups (BDotnet and BITPro) bless us with this UG meet names as “Reliving TechEd India 2012” .

The Event:

As I reached at Krishna Hall by 10:15 AM while making entry to get Visitor Pass, First catchy thing was….. First entry in register made was by Lohith Goudagere Nagaraj ! Great for me as there is already someone whom I wish to meet there. While I moved inside the hall many regular UG guys were already there including Vinod Kumar M, Manas Ranjan Dash and other friends. After some time Vijay, Pinal Dave, oldest personality of UG group Pavanaja Bellippady  (as he claimed) also joined in between.

There were two sessions of one hour each delivered by Vinod Kumar M (which he delivered in TechEd India 2012):

1. Tool to Manage, Troubleshoot and Diagnose your Window Servers.

In this session he practically shown the use of many tools for analysis and diagnostic purpose as PAL(Performance Analysis of Logs[]), Logmon(), Process Explorer, Resource Monitor etc.

2.  Peeling SQL server like onion – Internals Demystified

This session revolved around enhancement and new features of SQL server 2012. He discussed about changes in default accounts created in SQL server, Virtual accounts, Database recovery etc.

I was really impressed by Vinod Kumar M’s ability to simplify the concept and answering question by narrowing it down to root cause or to the point of confusion.

In between the session there was a 5 min coffee break. Meanwhile there were many hilarious moments also triggered mainly by Pinal Dave and Pavanaja Bellippady. Pinal Dave Distributed SQL Cheat Sheet to all. Thanks Lohith Goudagere Nagaraj for arranging goodies form Telerik and Pluralsight. Thanks to Vijay Raj, Lohith Goudagere Nagaraj and Manas Ranjan Dash for capturing the moments.

Final Notes:

The event was over by 2 PM. While leaving I went to say goodbye to Vinod Kumar M and he said “See you! Thanks for coming”. I was just overwhelmed by his humbleness but here I wanted to say “Sir, Many thanks to you for giving us inspirations and knowledge”.

Thanks for reading ! Have a nice time !


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  1. Thank you so much for your kind words. You are gem of person.

  2. nice capture..

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