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Visual Studio 2011 Ultimate Beta – Installation Experience

2 Apr, 12

It was all awesome.

I was having already Visual studio 2010 Professional Edison installed on Windows 7 (Enterprise Edition) OS.

I wanted to install Visual Studio 2011 Ultimate Beta on same machine. We have three options for the installation as described at below links: and

  1. Download the Web Installer (vs_ultimate.exe):
    • Choose the Download button.
      • To install the software now, choose the Run button.
      • To install the software later, choose the Save button.
  1. Download a DVD5 ISO image (VS11_BETA_ULT_ENU.iso):
    • To download the image so that you can burn a DVD, choose the Save button.
    • Make sure that the CRC and SHA1 hash values of the downloaded ISO image match these:
      • CRC: D914B405
      • SHA-1: 97AE6F60E512780346D222D0C90DE92C45E65DC1
  1. Download the Product Layout (vs_ultimatelayout.exe):
    • Download a local copy of the DVD layout to your computer. You can run Setup later without contacting the Internet, or you can copy and paste the DVD layout in another location. For most users, we recommended this option instead of the ISO image.
    • On this page, choose the Download button.
      • To download the product layout now, choose the Run button.
      • To download a utility so that you can download the product layout later, choose the Save button.

I choose first option that is using web installer.

The download and installation were parallel. The download speed was very very fast. It took around 20 minute to download near 2 GB data. No restart was needed. Finally download and installation took total 40 minute.

Now both version of Visual studio(2010 Professional and 2011 Ultimate Beta) are working fine on my machine. The experience of installation was much better than I expected (as per with Office 2010 or VS 2010).

Thanks for reading. Happy Coding !


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